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Our Story

The Petship

Petship is a specialized retailer for pet supplies. At The Petship, we have a professional team that includes veterinarians, dog trainers and sales assistants. Therefore, pets are not just business but a huge part of our lives. Thanks to our team, we highly aware of the needs and expectations of our pets, as well as what steps are need to be taken for their mental stabilization and satisfaction. In the light of our know-how, we offer a variety of need-oriented high-quality products for pets.


The Petship has a multi-stored facility that contains a pet store, pet grooming and dog training center in Europe. In our pet store, we provide a wide range of pet foods and products for all the needs of our cats and dogs under the veterinary supervision. Besides we have pet grooming, pet adoption and dog-training services in a best way for dogs and cats.


The Petship work with several animal welfare organizations such as Animal Rights Federation and Animal Welfare Association for pet adoption and feeding pets in need.


Our Mission

Our main goal is to make all our pets happy and satisfied, since they make the world a better place.

Our Culture

As a pet-specialised professional team, their satisfaction and happiness are always our  priority. We strive to offer the best products with the best prices.

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