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Your pet's favorite item: Toys

Updated: Apr 1

Welcome to The Petship!🛸

Let's discover some facts about pet's favorite item, aka pet toys. Either dog or cat, the most loved and wanted item of your paw friend is undoubtly a toy. Some of them carries it everywhere, other want to chew or tug.

So toys are one of the most important tool to bond with your pet and satisfy her/his needs.

There some fundamental about the world of toy. First, how should we choose the right toy for our pet?

The best toy for our paw friend depends on breed, size, age, personality, and chewing habits. We need to choose toy by considering these factors. At this point, we need to recognize toys and their differences. So how do the toys differ?

The differences between toys basically depend mainly on the function and the material of them; silicone material for your pet to chew (see an example here) , or rope type to tug ( see an example here). We need to understand what type of toy our pets want and need. Either chew, fetch, plush, rope, tug or interactive toy for our dog, or catnip, mice, plush, chew, electronic, ball toy for our cat (see our cat toys here). Maybe a cat teaser or just a cat scratching post is all she/he needs. You should try different types and materials to find the rights ones.

What if our pet stop playing with it? What shoud we do to make her/him play again ?

This is one of the most important information that we need to know. The trick for this non-playing situation is to hide the toys continually. When your paw friend see the toy around all the time, it losts it importance. Try to hide it for couple days and then give it back. You'll see how excited he/she is.

That is also answers another question: should we leave our pet alone with a toy when we're gone?

No, we shouldn't. If we do that, our pets (both dogs and cats) get bored very quickly and we lose her/his attention to that toy and she/he doesn't play with the toy at all.

So we need to prevent our pet to lost her/his attention to the toy.

Our pets love toys, we love, too.💕

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