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Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

Every dog parent wants their dog to be happy. Since we are at the center of our dogs' lives, some of the actions and routines that we do beautify our dogs' lives. Let's see what we can do:

1. To love: It has been proven that happiness hormones are released more in people who routinely love and care for their dog through physical contact. This love you will show, being in more dialogue with your dog and treating them warmly will make both you and your dog very happy.

2. Routine: In order for dog to be happy, they need to keep up with certain routines. Dogs are very sensitive and kind of obsessive about their routines. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid inconsistent behavior towards them. For example, if a dog that is always given food at the dinner table is not given food at once, this inconsistency cannot be understood for the dog. Inconsistency makes them confused and unhappy.

3. Playing games: There are many psychosexual stages of human development. One of these, the latent stage is a period in which the children discharge their energy with constant play, regardless of gender. Dogs are like those children stuck in that stage, especially during childhood and adolescence. For this reason, it is necessary to play a lot of games with them. Whether these games will be played at home or outside should be well planned. In particular, interactive games played by dogs in interaction with their parents will both strengthen the relationship between them and make dogs very happy.

4. Trips: During rhythmic and regular trips, sniffing around will make dogs happy as it will make them so informed about their environment. This situation can be compared to the feeling of satisfaction that people get by browsing social media.

5. Cooperation: Teaching your dog something, playing intelligence-enhancing games, doing obedience exercises or doing sportive exercises together make dogs very happy. A dog's parent is the center of the dog's life, therefore your dog doing something in cooperation with you and being together will make them very happy.

6. Giving an award: Rewarding your dogs with a treat or toy will keep them very motivated and happy.

7. Mastication: Especially when left alone, it is important to left dogs with the chew products in order to distract the dog and relax the mind with the mastication. This will take them away from the stress of being alone and make them happy.

8. Exploring: Going on a field trip on the weekends, discovering new places, and walking around together, especially in places where dogs can roam freely, will make them very happy. Your dog loves to have adventures with you. Sometimes even being with you in a café and sit near you is a reason for happiness.

9. To meet with their congenerics: Socializing your dogs from time to time with his congeneric friends will make them very happy. It doesn't have to be constant but it is important for a dog to experience these socializations occasionally.

With the ways mentioned above, you can make your dogs very happy and establish a better relationship with them. When your dogs are happy, they will act in harmony with you, so both your life will become much happier and more comfortable.

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