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Pet Allergy Season: What to Do?

Updated: Apr 1

Warming air, the angle of sun's rays, the harmful effects of UV rays and high humidity are most felt by skin which is the biggest organ of a body. As a result, allergies and skin reactions are triggered from spring to summer for dogs.

A dog on a beach with his glasses, umbrella and a baggage with towel, a volleyball ball, pool glasses and a teddy bear.

These reactions generally appears as Atopic Dermatitis and Eczama lesions. Some dog breeds, especially Dogo Argentino, American Staffordshire Terrier, Pitbull, Golden Retrievers and white short-haired dogs have high tendecy to these allergies.

Firstly at this point, as conscious pet parent, we should know what can trigger these allergic reactions:

  • Trip to hot places: Travelling to hotter weather that different from our normal resident place may cause some allergic reactions due to the change in weather conditions.

  • Long walks (20 min and more) under the hot weather: Our dogs exposure to the sun 90 degree angle on these walks which result in allergic reactions on skin.

  • Applying high protein diets in summer: High protein diets in winter season is reasonable but sustaining this diet through summer can cause allergic reactions, since dogs’ body don’t need that much protein in summer.

Since we learnt the triggers, it's time to take a look at the actions that can be done to protect our dogs from the effects of hot weather:

  • Do not machine shave your dog during summer: Machine shaving doesn’t cool our dogs down. Just the opposite, it expose them more to the harmful rays of the sun. Instead of shaving, you can brush your dog regularly to make them get rid of the winter fur or make small touches with scissors shaving.

  • Get your dog wet in the right spots: Wetting your dog on back and head which exposed directly to the sun is wrong. By doing that, you only cause your dog to overheat. Instead, you should wet your dog from his paws, belly and chest.

  • Always make the cold and fresh water ready: One of the body parts where dogs release heat is their mouth. You can give your dog frozen chew toys or iced fruits (as controlled portions) as a dog treat in summer, which will be a great cooler while having fun. When you travel, don't forget your travel water bottle.

  • Walk your dog in mornings or evenings: This way you avoid the intense rays of the sun.

  • Make sure your dog is drying in a shadow place: When your dog enters a pool or ocean, make sure to rinse your dog with clean water and make the dog drying in a shadow place.

  • Dress your dog in baggy white t-shirts: This way you again prevent the intense rays of the sun on your dog’s skin.

Don forget, heat stroke is one of the biggest causes of dog deaths in summer.

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